SMS bulk sending

SMS bulk sending with SMSfeedback

We are a leading sms provider of bulk SMS sending and API SMS integration service supporting more than 250 networks in more than 75 countries all over the world (including delivery of sms Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, C.I.S.).

Our solution helps to send message to multiple users with the extremely easy and user-friendly API, which is the most reliable and fast marketing tool of communication with your clients and partners through sms delivery in form of automatic holiday greatings, alerts, notifications and advertising texts.

Best prices for sms bulk sending

Our service is free of charge. You should pay only for actual traffic of mass sms.

We offer the regressive scheme of traffic prices: the more SMS messages you purchase,
the less they cost.

The detailed info about prices for all directions can be found here.

Dynamic sender ID

Specify any sender name, which the recipient will see in the “From” line. The sender ID must be comprised of only alpha-numeric symbols (max 11 letters).
It can be changed dynamically.

API integration

SMSfeedback supports SMS gateway integration with a free connection.

We offer API integration through SMPP Russia and HTTP Russia connections.

The detailed instructions and examples of scripts find here (incliding examples of php send sms scripts).

Using our free API you can easily realize the world-wide two factor authentication though sms, check message status though api and many other options.

We have several levels of Russia sms gateways with different prices.

How to Start Sending Bulk SMS

  1. First step: Create your own account here.
  2. Add your sender ID in your personnel cabinet.
  3. Use API for integration.
  4. In case of any questions, please, contact us at or by phone: +7 (495) 797-35-62. Our contact center supports English.

Our Contacts

Phone (English support): +7 (495) 797-35-62
Adress: 34/3 Shabolovka street, Moscow, Russia, 115419